Thursday, September 24, 2009

update 9/24/09

I am such a slacker. It is so hard to update this now that i am working full time. Here is a quick update.
Our lives are changing soon. We are moving back to VA at the end of OCT. I interviewed for 2 jobs at Lewis Gale in Salem and got offered both jobs, so i accepted the medical ICU job and am set to start Nov 9. We are buying a townhouse in Christiansburg and are set to close on Oct 30, so happy birthday to me!! Dave will continue to be a stay at home dad for now while building relationships with new folks while we continue to seek God in his will for us to plant a church. We are planning n taking this super slow for now to see where God is going with this and see how he wants this to look. We are stoked to move 'home' and be close to family again. I ask that you pray for us as this is a stressful time trying to get everything together and pack and move. Jeremiah just started Kindergarten here so will have to transition to a new school mid year, which may present a challenge. Pray for that please. We really feel at ease about this move and feel it is all in Gods plan. It is so funny how when things are meant to be, they just happen pretty smoothly. This has been one of those situations so far. Pray it continues like this.
That was a super quick synopsis of our lives right now, but at least it was enough to where you know what is happening and why i am so slack on the blogging.

Monday, June 22, 2009

its been so long...

Wow, it has been so long since i posted. I am such a slacker. Well, not really. I am working full time now which is a lot of time sleeping and away from home and so when I am here, it is hard to justify spending the time to blog. Life has been so awesome this summer. We have been doing a lot together as a family. We up and took a trip to NC 2 weeks ago and had a fantastic time. We are going back for the 4th. I cant wait b/c my friend Chris and Jerry are coming to visit us there too. We are also going to Texas in a few weeks to visit Mackenzie and Kaylee. We borrowed our friends Kings Island passes last week and again today and had such a great time. The boys are such a great age for the water park. We have been to the aquarium. Dave has been taking the boys to the pool almost everyday. They are loving this time with Dad. We go back tomorrow for allergy testing so I am praying hard that things have improved and that we are allergic to less. More info to come after testing....

Monday, April 20, 2009

check out fyrefly

check out our friends new website. We are under portfolio, then family and kids. He did a little photo shoot for us last week. I really liked the results. I cant wait to see them all.

our date with Ray

Saturday night Dave and I had a fun date night to the celestial and to see Ray LaMontagne in concert with some friends. We had an amazing time. Dave had a big fat medium rare new york strip with lobster potatoes and a glass of pinot with orange cheesecake with gingersnap crust for sdessert. I had grilled swordfish with a maple glaze and heavenly mashed sweet potatoes with brussel sprouts. It was really good and pricey($115 with tip). The concert was really good. The girl opening had a nice voice. Her name was Jessica Mayfield. She was 19 years old. I liked her voice but her stuff all sounded the same to me. The Ray came out. He did a lot of his songs. He played about 90 minutes. It was fun. We had a blast. Korina kept the boys and they did great.

our view from the celestial
i always have to get a pic
the girls after dinner
Ray- the lighting was hard to get good pics
and again

Friday, April 17, 2009

Our double stuffed sandwich hug

Jeremiah and Thomas love when we double stuff sandwich hug them!!

Nana and Granny Nana

more pics from Atlanta with Granny Nana

camping pics

We recently went camping. It was fun. Our original camp site that we reserved was being occupied when we showed up so we had to find another site. (luckily that snagged us another 2 free nights later for our inconvenience). It was so nice during the day but Thomas couldnt handle the cold so we left about 1030(Carolina game half time) to head home to sleep. We came back and helped pack up Sunday am and went for a walk on the beach. J loved exploring and thomas loved the sand.

J loves his daddys tools
Thomas sitting for 1/2 second
Family photo hiking
Teaching the boys to cut wood
Our cabin in the woods